Friday, May 31, 2013

Creating Ahhhh ha Moments

Here at Plantation Resort we're always trying to make your vacation more relaxing.  That's why we offer so many relaxing massage options at our Mother Earth Day Spa.  So check out our variety of available massages and let us help you create the perfect spa day for your vacation escape. 

Relax in the Chair

Chair Massage at the Outdoor Pool
Close your eyes…now open them because I want you to read this (in the most soothing voice you can imagine), but imagine the warmth of the sun heating your skin as expert hands work out the kinks in your neck and shoulders.  You can feel just that at our new poolside massage!  Starting this summer, this experience can be yours during any weekend between 2-4 pm (ask about extended summer hours) with a short walk over to the outdoor pool at Plantation Resort.  And at only a dollar per minute, you can enjoy this magical feeling for as long as you like!

Head Indoors
Maybe you prefer the privacy of an indoor spa facility.  In that case, stop by Mother Earth Day Spa at the health and swim club to let our talented massage therapists work out that tension you’ve been saving before your vacation.  If you need to sneak in a quick massage before chasing kids around at the beach, we offer a short 30 minute full body massage as well as a 15 minute chair massage focusing on the neck and shoulders.  But if you just want/need more than that we also offer 1 hour and 1 ½ massages.  With a massage that long, maybe you want to share the experience with you loved one.  With our couple's massage, you can be together while our experts take care of you.  Whatever you’ve got time for, we’ve got time for you.  We feel confident that you will find our spa options well worth the money you might spend somewhere else, but at a much lower price than most other places around.

Face the Facial

With so much sun, sand and fun, your face can take quite a beating at the beach, so after a long day of playing on the Strand, head over and try out the spa facial.  You can get your pores cleaned with extractions and other facial amenities.  Our experts steam, scrub and moisturize your face in a soothing experience that will uncover the beautiful you.

Step into Reflexology

Did you know that your foot has about 7,200 nerve endings?  No wonder it feels so good to receive a reflexology massage.  Those nerve endings impact the overall health of your entire body.  Each organ and section of your body corresponds to different parts of your feet and by massaging those areas, you can give relief to many kinds of ailments.  Our experts know the right spots on your feet to soothe just about any part of your body and increase circulation.  Nobody wants to deal with depression, allergies and headaches on their holiday so try out reflexology to get your vacation going in the right direction. 

Wanting something more, we’ve got lots of exciting choices.  Try the hot stone massage (very popular in the winter), Reiki, or even pregnancy massages to help out our expectant mothers.  Check out the options for the Mother Earth Day Spa below or in the welcome magazine that you received upon check-in.
Reservations go quickly so let us help you set up your ideal spa experience today by calling 1-800-845-5039.  Let us know your favorite massage option!



cass said...

Sounds great!

cass said...

Sounds Great!

Sidratul Muntaha Choudhury said...

Does a massage chair do any good ?? I always thought of trying a vending massage chair.

Sunkissed said...

You won't find any vending massage chairs here. Our massages are done by experienced massage therapists who know just how to help you relax on your vacation.