Friday, May 30, 2014

Plantation Resort Loves Our Sea Turtles

People from all over enjoy our world famous beaches, but did you know that sea turtles love them too?  Starting in May you may begin seeing tracks in the sand as sea turtles come ashore, testing the beach to see how ideal it is for laying eggs.  Because of the lights, noise and other factors of development on the beach, sea turtles are often frightened back into the ocean, but there are things we can do to make them feel warm and welcome on our beaches and increase our chances of seeing a sea turtle.  Plantation Resort is dedicated to helping the sea turtles not only survive but thrive on our local beaches.  We invite you to help us in our efforts.

How can I help?

The South Carolina Beach Authority suggests that you:

·         Stay off the dunes.  The sea turtles lay their eggs in the dunes and when we keep them safe and clean we increase our chances of seeing sea turtles there.

·         Don’t pick sea oats.  These plants help maintain the health of the dune by providing structure for the dunes and adding essential nutrients for the eggs in the soil.

·         Pick up litter.  We don’t want the turtles getting sick because they saw a plastic bag and thought that it looked like a yummy jelly fish.

·         Please clean up all beach chairs, toys, etc. when you head home.  Sometimes turtles find themselves cornered or confused when they encounter these objects.

·         Fill in holes.  Turtles can become trapped in them.

·         Don’t set off fireworks.  Sea turtles can become frightened of the noise and swim away.  Sometimes they also eat the debris causing sickness.

·         Public sea turtle patrols will take place every Friday beginning June 6 and running till August 8 at the Myrtle Beach State Park.  These educational walks start at 6 am and are led by a local sea turtle rescue expert who will tell you all about Myrtle Beach’s relationship with sea turtles (free with park admission).  Who knows, you might even spot a sea turtle.

Click here for the Myrtle Beach State Park website.  For a useful sea turtle handout, see "Beach Information" in the side panel and click on the "loggerhead sea turtle activity" link.

What if I see a sea turtle?

We can all play a role in protecting sea turtles in our area.

·         If you see a turtle or turtle tracks, call and inform a park ranger.  The phone number is 843-238-5325.

·         Turtles use the light of the moon to guide them back to the ocean and can be misdirected by onshore lights.  During the egg-laying season sea turtle rescue groups ask that you avoid using flashlights or cell phone lights on the beach.  

·         Remain quiet since the turtles are spooked by noise and movement.

·         Keep your distance, staying low and behind the sea turtle.

·         If you are lucky enough to see babies crawling across the shore, let them crawl on their own so that they can build the muscles they’ll need to survive in the ocean.  You can also make sure the path to the ocean is clear and open.

·         Watch where you step.

A few more turtle facts

·         On our beaches we mostly see Loggerheads but other turtles like Kemps Ridley, Leatherback and Green turtles have occasionally made an appearance.  There are 7 known turtle species roaming the world’s oceans.

·         Loggerhead Sea turtles are the state reptile of South Carolina.

·         Each spring/summer turtles swim ashore and crawl up the sand to lay their eggs. 

·         Eggs can take approximately 60 days to hatch.  Sand conditions such as temperature and wetness play a role in how long the eggs incubate. 

·         Turtle eggs play an important role in keeping the delicate sand dunes healthy, providing essential nutrients to the dune grasses.

·         Sea turtles are one of the few animals that eat ocean grass, regulating the growth of this important habitat. 

Just 2 miles from Surfside Beach, Plantation Resort is an excellent place to make your base as you pursue active turtle rescue.  Keep an eye out for this summer’s Totally Turtle Activity at Plantation Resort where your children can learn all about sea turtles while they create a fun craft.  Call 1-800-845-5039 for more information about how to reserve your vacation at Plantation Resort.

Additional  resources 

Something to Do All Summer Long in Myrtle Beach!

We have a whole summer of Myrtle Beach Activities for you to see!  There is so much to see and do in Myrtle Beach we've highlighted some of our favorites to help you in planning your vacation. 

Cool Summer Evenings
Every Wednesday June 11-August 8
Brookgreen Gardens

After a day at the beach, visit the gardens in the cool of the evening and enjoy concerts, kids programs, and dinner in the Pavillion Restaurant.  Entertainment and programs are included in garden admission.  Creek Crises are $8 in addition to admission.  Click here to see the list of events for the specific days.

A Crabby Experience
Every Tuesday June 3-August 26
9:30-11 am
Myrtle Beach State Park Fishing Pier
Test your luck from the fishing pier as we try to catch a variety of crabs, fish and many other critters. This is a catch and release program in order...Test your luck from the fishing pier as we try to catch a variety of crabs, fish and many other critters. This is a catch and release program in order...Test your luck from the fishing pier as you try to catch a variety of crabs, fish and many other critters.  This is a catch and release program in order to help conserve park resources for the future. A limited amount of crab traps are provided for a $5 rental fee per trap.  Traps are available on a first come, first served basis- they start renting traps 10 minutes before the program begins.  Rentals accept cash only.  Exact change is appreciated!   Bring your own raw chicken or fish for bait.  Bait is also sold inside the pier.  This event can last from 1 to 1.5 hours- depending on what you are catching!  Be sure to ask the Front Desk about our complimentary Myrtle Beach State Park Parking passes.
Totally Turtles!
Every Tuesday and Thursday through the Summer
2:30 pm

Plantation Resort Activity Center
We love turtles and we want to do everything we can to make sure that sea turtles feel welcome on our beaches.  Join us every Tuesday and Thursday to learn about sea turtles and make an adorable turtle mosaic to remind you of all the fun you had at Plantation Resort!  Part of the proceeds from this activity go to local turtle rescue groups.  Click here for more information on how you can help save turtles in Myrtle Beach.  Additional items will be available for purchase at the activity and the proceeds will also go to help the sea turtles!
The Urban Sea Turtle
Every Wednesday June 4-August 27
1-2 pm
Myrtle Beach State Park Activity Center
See how difficult it is for sea turtles to survive.  How do they avoid the dangers and stay alive?  Due to sand castles, boats and all that light, the journey from egg to adult can be a tremendous fight. (No live turtles were bothered in the making of this event.)  Be sure to ask the Front Desk about our Myrtle Beach State Park Parking passes.

Shirts to Dye For
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through the Summer
2:30-3:30 pm

Plantation Resort Activity Center
Make your own tie-dye masterpiece!  You'll find shirts, bags and handkerchiefs available for dying.  Dye your shirt on Monday and wear your unique creation to the Karaoke Cookout on Tuesday so you can buy a discount smoothie for $2 at the Poolside Grill.
Sea Turtle Patrol
Every Friday June 6-August 8
6-7:30 am
Myrtle Beach State Park Fishing Pier
Patrol the beach with a ranger in search of sea turtle activity.  You will be looking for sea turtle crawls (their footprints) to see if there are any new nests on our beach.  Sea turtle activity is not guaranteed; however, you will enjoy a nice stroll on the beach, observe the sunrise, pick up trash and fill in holes to help sea turtles.  Be sure to ask the Front Desk about our complimentary Myrtle Beach State Park Parking passes.
Corvettes at the Beach
June 7
9 am-3 pm
Broadway at the Beach
The Myrtle Beach Corvette Club presents the 19th Annual Corvette Show, Corvettes at Myrtle. See corvettes, old and new on display at Broadway at the Beach.  Proceeds from this event shall benefit several different local charities.
American Pie Oldies Music Fest
June 7
12-6 pm
La Belle Amie Vineyard
Take a walk down memory lane at the beautiful La Belle Amie Vineyard featuring two talented local bands.  Live music, a little wine, some delicious outdoor cooking and a guided vineyard tour will entertain you.  
SpongeBob: Fact or Fiction?
Every Saturday June 7-August 23
10-11 am
Myrtle Beach State Park Activity Center
Have fun comparing some of the marine animals depicted in SpongeBob to our local sea critters!  Some live animals will be on hand.  Be sure to ask the Front Desk about our Myrtle Beach State Park Parking passes.

Sushi Rollin' Class
Every Thursday through the summer
12 pm
Plantation Resort Activity Center
Come learn how to roll sushi!  Materials and step-by-step instructions are provided to make 2 California rolls.  And best yet, you get to enjoy your creation!  Price is $10 for the 2 rolls.
Feeding Time
Every Saturday June 7-August 30
1-1:30 pm
Myrtle Beach State Park Nature Center
Watch a snake eat a mouse and see what other hungry animals lurk in our house!  Be sure to ask the Front Desk about our complimentary  Myrtle Beach State Park Parking passes.

Karaoke Cookout
Every Tuesday through the summer
5-7 pm
Plantation Resort Outdoor Pool

We're moving the Poolside Grill outdoors!  Come enjoy burgers, hotdogs, pizza and more while the live DJ pumps out the jams.  It's free to enter and food is priced a la carte.  So come in, dance, fill your tummy and enjoy some fun in the sun.
Second Annual Native Sons Salt Games
June 14-15
8th Avenue N. and 9th Avenue N. at the old pavilion site, Myrtle Beach

Volleyball Tournaments, Tug of War, Lifeguard games, Yoga, a kid’s run and more!  The Native Sons Salt Games are varied and exciting!  Some events require a pre-signup so be sure to see the schedule of events and sign up here!
Movies Under the Stars
June 13
about 9 pm
Valor Park
Each Friday beginning June 6th the Market Common will be showing complimentary family movies at Valor Park beginning about 9 pm.   Bring a blanket, lawn chair and the entire family for Movies Under the Stars!
Southern Style BBQ
Every Wednesday through the summer
5-7 pm

Plantation Resort Outdoor Pool
Fill up on the finest of the southern classics during this poolside BBQ buffet!  It's fun for the whole family with line dancing, cornhole games and a live DJ.  The party is free, food tickets are $13 for adults and $7 for children.

Wines of the South: South Africa and South America—Wine Tasting and Silent Auction
June 14
5:30-8 pm
Brookgreen Gardens Oak Allee
The tasting will feature both red and white wines paired with tastes of palette cleansing foods.  Wines will be available for purchase at the event at discounted prices.  As part of this special evening, The Friends of Brookgreen Gardens will host a silent auction and there will be live entertainment.  Tickets are limited and include a signature wine glass.  Call (843) 235-6016 or go online for reservations - $50 for members and $65 for non-members.  (Tickets are non-refundable, unused tickets will be considered a donation to Brookgreen.)  Check out the wine list here.
42nd Annual Art in the Park
June 21
10 am-4 pm
Chapin Park, 1400 N. Kings Highway
Take a stroll through the park and see what these local artists have been up to.  From paintings to jewelry you’ll find a variety of artwork ready to be sold or admired. 
47th Annual PGA Professional National Championship
June 22-25
Dunes Golf and Beach Club
Designed in 1948 by legendary Robert Trent Jones Sr., the Dunes Golf & Beach Club will serve as the primary host course in the National Championship, including the final 36 holes.  All contestants will compete the first two rounds on The Dunes and Grande Dunes Resort Club,  The Championship will bring a field of 312 to Myrtle Beach, acclaimed as "the Golf Capital of the World" for its roster of 120 golf courses.
Conway River Fest
June 28
11 am-11 pm
Downtown Conway
An independence celebration held along the Waccamaw River in historic downtown Conway just a few miles to the West of Myrtle Beach.  This popular festival features live entertainment, an artisan market, tennis tournament, raft race, activities and games for all ages, food, fireworks and much, much more.
4th Of July Celebration
Thursday July 4
6-10 pm
Surfside Beach Pier
There are few spectacles quite like beach-side fireworks.  Join us on the Surfside Beach Pier and witness fireworks exploding all along the Grand Strand in celebration of our independence.
31st Annual Murrells Inlet July 4 Boat Parade
July 4
Begins at noon
Don't miss this annual Inlet patriotic tradition!   The 31st Annual July 4th Boat Parade kicks off at noon from Garden City Point.  The parade will float over to the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk and then follow the Murrells Inlet shoreline down to the Hot Fish Club.   Best public viewing points are the Marshwalk, Belin Methodist Church, Nance's Restaurant, King Street Grille, Jetty View Walk and the Hot Fish Club. 
48th Annual Fourth of July Parade
July 4
10 am-11 pm
321 Myrtle Avenue
The Fourth of July Parade on Pawleys Island, South Carolina is a fun community event.  Visitors and locals alike parade down the Island in anything that becomes a makeshift float - be it a boat, car, or flatbed truck!   All of which are decorated in true red, white, and blue patriotic fashion!   The Pawleys Island Parade is a fun, family tradition on the 4th.
Caribbean Festival
July 6
11 am-11 pm
455 Hospitality Lane
The outdoor festival will offer authentic Caribbean dishes, vendors selling arts and crafts, activities for children, bike show and live entertainment featuring steel drum performers, celebrity and local acts.

5K Neon Vibe Run
July 5
Gates open at 7 pm and the race begins at 8:45 pm or shortly after dark
455 Hospitality Lane, Myrtle Beach
The original night-time color 5k and best glowing neon party on the planet is coming back to Myrtle Beach!

You’ll have more glowing neon color on you than your happy levels can handle - get your friends and family registered for the most colorful fun night of your life before it sells out! 
13th Annual Mustang Week
July 14-20
Broadway at the Beach
Lovers of the Mustang automobile will come together this July to see and show off their beloved cars.  Come to Broadway at the Beach and see these beautiful cars first hand.
2nd Annual Carolinian Inn Mission Project Golf Tournament
July 19
Begins at 8 am
Wedgefield Plantation Golf Club 129 Club House Lane, Georgetown
Bethel Apartments, Inc. will host its 2nd Annual Carolinian Inn Mission Project Golf Tournament at Wedgefield Plantation Golf Club. The tournament proceeds will benefit their mission to provide housing for senior citizens.

31st Annual Summer Classic Arts and Crafts Festival
August 1-3
10 am-6 pm Friday- Saturday and 11 am-5 pm Sunday
Myrtle Beach Convention Center, 2101 N. Oak Street, Myrtle Beach
The festival features original designs and work from hundreds of talented artists and craftspeople from across America.  See the creative process in action as many exhibitors demonstrate throughout the weekend.  There is something for every style, taste and budget with items from the most traditional to the most contemporary.  This show is a multiple winner of Sunshine Artist “200 Best” awards and consistently awarded the "Top 20 Events" award by The Southeast Tourism Society.
Blues and Jazz Fest
August 2
La Belle Amie Vineyard
The blues and jazz fest at La Belle Amie Vineyard is sure to satisfy your need for smooth music.  The Vineyard provides wine and a beautiful environment that is sure to create an enjoyable evening.   
Chargers, Super Trucks and Vintage
August 9
6-10 pm
Myrtle Beach Speedway, 455 Hospitality Lane, Myrtle Beach

The summer is a great time for car shows and you don’t want to miss this one.   Only $10 (kids 12 and under are free).  Come see a variety of Chargers, Super Trucks and Vintage vehicles at the Myrtle Beach Speedway.
World Amateur Handicap Championship
August 25-29
Golf lovers from all over can show off their swing at the World Amateur Handicap Championship.  There will be nightly activities in the World’s Largest 19th Hole, including hor d’oeurves, open bar, golf exhibit, live music, golf forums from leading golf magazines, instruction by leading golf instructors and more!

With so much to do in the area you'll want several vacations at Plantation Resort!  Let us help you plan your next vacation with us.  Just call 1-800-845-5039 and we can discuss the variety of options available to you!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Announcing Plantation Resort's New Logo Marking a Refreshing Change for Your Vacation!

We’re rolling out the red carpet for the new logo at Plantation Resort!

Our new logo is making its debut this year, and it’s looking dapper in black and white with a splash of color.   We’ve dressed up the logo to create a more sophisticated look for the Resort. 
This new, more elegant look reaffirms our commitment to continually improve your "Home Away from Home."   Throughout the year you will see gradual changes as the new logo replaces the old on signs, buildings, business cards and everywhere in between.

Plantation Resort is excited to unveil the new logo which will be the face of Plantation Resort for years to come.  Come see for yourself the exciting changes that's reflected in our new logo!   Call 1-800-845-5039 to make your reservation today!