Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Back for the Summer!

Ever wonder who the person is behind the posts? I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is April Hallam and I'm back for my second summer at Plantation Resort. I love the outdoors, hiking, waterskiing, rock climbing, and running. Three years ago I came out during my summer break from college (Brigham Young University, in Utah) to work and save some money. I loved being in Surfside! In Utah, the mountain lakes where we play during the summer NEVER get warm, but in Surfside the beach is ALWAYS warm! I loved the Southern charm and hospitality, and I loved working with the great staff at Plantation I'm back for another summer.
So much has changed since I was here last. I've now graduated from college and teach high school in Utah and help coach the cross country team. I still have my summers off, and decided to spend this one at the beach once again. When I got back to the resort I noticed so many changes. When I left, we were just starting to put the black shutters on the buildings, and now all of the buildings have a spruced up look with the shutters. When I left we had only just started installing the sidewalks, and now you can walk on the sidewalks all the way to the lazy river and outdoor pool. The Welcome Center has been renamed the Preview Center and is refurbished and up to date. There are more palmettos in the landscaping around the resort and more greenery in general. One of my big projects last time I was here was helping with our brand new Pig Pickin' and Shag, the BBQ on Tuesday nights, and now we have TWO different dinner venues offered at the resort, with the new Tie Dye Fish Fry (see post below). Left and right I find something new or improved at Plantation Resort. Perhaps my favorite new discovery is the cute, wooden playground down in the Presidential Villas. My nephew LOVED playing on the swing set.

The great thing is that the improvements only continue and I get to be a part of them once again. We are currently working on making wireless internet available in the rooms throughout the resort, so if you notice construction down Garden Drive during your visit, know that we are working quickly to make this newest amenity available for your convenience. What else is new? This blog, of course! Let me know what you think about it and what else you would like to see at Plantation Resort.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why the "Tie Dye Fish Fry"?

What's in a name? This infamous question posed by a star-struck lover has been raised at Plantation Resort as well. Why call it the "Tie Dye Fish Fry"? Why not just the "Fish Fry"? Because Juliet had it wrong. A name is not artifical and meaningless, but has the potential to portray the essence of the person, object, or in this case, event. You see, the fish fry at Plantation Resort is more than just a dinner where fried fish and french fries are served. It is an event that includes not only a traditional, homecooked, southern meal, but live music provided by Hawaiian Breeze to set the tone for a night of fun and excitedment at the outdoor pool. After you've savoured your dessert, jump up and dance to the music. Take a dip in the pool to cool off, and then sing along to the band. Feeling brave? Show us your moves in a dance contest. It's sure to be an evening of fun for the whole family. Now how do we portray all of that to our guests by merely calling it the "Fish Fry"? What represents fun and carefree nights better than the bright, eccentric mix of colors in tie-dye that automatically takes you back to the summer nights of your youth? Want to wear your own tie-dye shirt to the event? Join us Wednesday afternoon at the Activity Center to create your own tie-dye master piece. What's in a name? Everything.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What's New at Plantation Resort?

Plantation Resort is proud to unveil our latest improvement...our very own Kiwi Shade. We are always looking for ways to improve the resort and make it more comfortable for our guests. The cool new blue shade at the Poolside Grill offers guests a little more shade from the South Carolina sun while they enjoy a relaxing lunch at the outdoor pool. What do you think of our new, modern look?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunkissed Photo Contest

Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words, but at Plantation Resort it could be worth a free weeks stay as well! Show us your best snap shot from your stay in Surfside at our resport and at the end of the summer we'll choose the best one and treat the photographer to another week in Sunkissed Surfside on us!
How to enter:
1. Document your vacation with us and pick out your best shot.
2. Email your photo to
3. Include your name and phone number in the email.

Tropical Climate for Teens

What does Plantation Resort have to offer teenagers? In addition to the fun to be had at the outdoor pool and lazy river, we have activities especially for you! Join us for pizza and a movie on Monday to meet new friends. Meet up with those friends again Tuesday for a game of pool for teens only, or water volleyball on Wednesdays. Thursday and Friday compete in our Wii Tournament for a chance to win a weeks stay at the resort.