Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jennifer Arnez is our Grand Prize Winner of a Free Week’s Vacation at Plantation Resort!

Jennifer won the Nintendo Wii Tournament during her vacation at Plantation Resort this summer, which automatically entered her into the end of summer drawing for a free week’s stay at Plantation Resort. She was the lucky one selected from the 20 weekly Wii tourney winners. Congratulations Jennifer!

Here is what Jennifer had to say about winning:

My name is Jennifer Arnez. I won the Wii tournament on my vacation this summer at Plantation Resort. I am a 33 year old mother of 3. I have a son that is 2, a daughter that is 5 and a step-daughter that is 13. I’m an x-ray technologist and love my job! I also love being a mother and wife. My after work hours and weekends are spent at soccer, t-ball and cheerleading with my children. At home we love to play outdoors, swim and go for walks. Inside we play lots of games including board games, card games and, of course, Wii. Our entire family plays Nintendo Wii. My daughter, who has played Wii since she was 3, came in second place in the Wii tournament. My son who is 2 also plays Wii.

This was our first summer staying at Plantation Resort. We happened on the resort by mistake in June and stayed for one week. We liked it so much we came down again in August for another week. We love the children’s water park, lighted playground, the indoor and outdoor activities, the large pool with snack bar and all of the other amenities. It is very family oriented and everyone is very nice. The shuttles to the beach are very convenient and we felt very relaxed staying there. We are deeded to another resort not far from Plantation Resort but we will definitely be spending a lot of our summer vacations with you guys! My children love the resort and all of the activities. They love the dive games by the pool and the indoor activities that get you out of the sun for a break.

I had a lot of fun playing in the Wii tournament and was shocked to hear I had won the drawing! I was very excited! I've never won anything this big before! I really appreciate this and everyone at the resort being so nice and friendly to my family and me. Can't wait to come again!

Can't thank you enough,
Jennifer Arnez and Family

Friday, November 6, 2009

Get Away for the Holidays at Plantation Resort

Enjoy dinner and a show, get in a few rounds of golf, do some shopping and catch the Spirit of the Season in Myrtle Beach! Plantation Resort is offering three special packages to choose from. Call 1-800-845-5039 to make your reservation and get away for the Holidays at Plantation Resort!