Thursday, February 19, 2015

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Our blog has moved from Blogger to our new website.  To stay up-to-date with the latest Plantation Resort news click here or go to and click "news" in the upper right corner.  Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter in order to receive update notifications.  We've really enjoyed our time with Blogger, and now we've grown so much bigger and better that we need something a little different.  Hope to see you at our new blog site!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

101 Things to do for Valentine's Day (with just a dash of Plantation Resort)

We found a great list of 101 things to do with the one that you love on the MomGenerations blog found here.  We were so inspired we combined her great ideas with ours to help make your Valentine's Day the most romantic and memorable yet!
Here's the list.  Enjoy!
  1. Hide love notes throughout your home.
  2. Treat your loved one to Plantation Resort’s Valentine’s Day Brunch in the Activity Center from 10 am-1 pm (after sleeping in).
  3. Write “I Love You” in rose petals on your bed.
  4. Make a video montage of photos of the 2 of you.
  5. Serve up a romantic dinner in your condo with one of Plantation Resort’s fully equipped kitchens.
  6. Run a warm bubble bath. 
  7. Send romantic quotes to each other throughout the day via email.
  8. Declare your love to each other on Facebook.
  9. Watch a romantic movie. We have several available for checkout at the Indoor Pool Office.
  10. Play a game together. The Indoor Pool Office also has several games available.
  11. Take out an ad in the local newspaper declaring your love.
  12. Go to Plantation Resort’s Mother Earth Day Spa together for the day. There's a special 2 for 1 discount going on through the month of February. Inquire at the Indoor Pool Office.
  13. Find a cooking class to attend together on Valentine’s Day.
  14. Enjoy a yoga class together.
  15. Get a massage just for a couple. Mother Earth Day Spa…just saying.
  16. Find old love notes you sent each other and re-read them over wine.
  17. Take photos of the 2 of you together and create a collage.
  18. Clean the kitchen for him or her (if you stay at Plantation Resort, the housekeeping staff will clean it for you.)
  19. Clean the bathrooms for him or her. (See #18.)
  20. Take a romantic walk around the neighborhood together holding hands. 
  21. Call each other throughout the day just to say “I Love You”.
  22. Have romantic music playing and his/her fave snacks on the counter when arriving home from work.
  23. Take a lunch break from work and meet each other out.
  24. Pop a romantic photo of you in his/her briefcase/work tote.
  25. Surprise him or her with changing the sheets before bedtime. It’s always a treat to sink into a freshly made bed!
  26. If you’re a blogger, create a beautiful post dedicated to your love.
  27. Do a chore around the house that you’ve been putting off forever! Always a big surprise (or hire someone to do it).
  28. Just sit on the couch after the kids go to bed and just enjoy each other’s company.
  29. Read together (it can be different and VERY romantic!)
  30. Record his or her FAVE TV show for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day and then surprise  him or her with a marathon of their FAVE show.
  31. Do some gaming online together.
  32. Plantation Resort has a heated indoor pool and Jacuzzi for you to enjoy a late night swim! 
  33. Build a fire and enjoy a glass of wine together. La Belle Amie is throwing a Valentine’s Day Bonfire so you don’t have to worry about starting your own.
  34. Build a puzzle you've had boxed away forever.
  35. Play “50 Questions” with each other. See how many answers you can get right!
  36. Give each other a foot massage.
  37. Give each other back massages.
  38. Go to Plantation Resort’s fully equipped gym and enjoy a night of working out together. 
  39. Invite your closest friends over for a fun evening. Sometimes a fun night with another couple of friends and lots of laughter is the perfect gift!
  40. Depending upon the weather, a picnic by one of Plantation Resort’s beautiful water features or at the Outdoor Pool.
  41. Buy his/her favorite drink and stock the fridge.
  42. If you can, surprise him or her by bringing them to the very spot you met.
  43. Always a great idea, create a message in a bottle for each other. Don’t read them, just write your heart on paper and both of you put them in a bottle for next Valentine’s Day.
  44. Create a time capsule together.
  45. Enjoy an evening of looking at the stars.
  46. Head to a local observatory to check out the stars.
  47. PROPOSE (If you haven’t already!).
  48. If you can hold off and know that you are, announce your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day – the   BEST gift!
  49. Take a stroll with your loved one through Brookgreen Gardens.  Hold your loved one’s hand through the live oak alleĆ© and take in the breathtaking scenery.
  50. Take a romantic stroll on the beach. Plantation Resort provides complimentary shuttle rides to and from Surfside Beach pier.
  51. Bake something together. Make it fun and complicated.
  52. Enjoy a nice hot shower!
  53. If the laundry has been building up, fold and put it away.
  54. If you have children, have them paint their handprints and create a heart with them.
  55. Take a piece of chalk and declare your love on your street! Even if you’re older, it’s still tons of fun and totally romantic!
  56. Create a crossword puzzle with all clues of places you go and only things that the two of you    would know the answers to.
  57. If you aren't a big fan of crossword puzzles, create a word search game for each other with the same kinds of clues.
  58. Try a helicopter ride together. 
  59. If your loved one gets out of work before you, surprise him or her with being home early!
  60. Create ice cream sundaes with each other at home with whatever you happen to have in your      freezer and cupboards! Or you could use your Ole’ Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor coupon found in the Plantation Resort magazine you received at check-in.
  61. If you have a newborn baby, let one of you nap or have a full night’s sleep. Believe me, your loved one will cherish this one.
  62. Create a coupon book of special things he or she can redeem.
  63. Hold hands all day, as much as you can.
  64. Go to bed early and just enjoy a night’s sleep.
  65. Have coffee already brewed and ready in the morning.
  66. If you have a babysitter (or don’t have kids yet), check in at a local hotel for a fun evening “away.” Call 1-800-845-5039 to reserve your stay with Plantation Resort.
  67. Take your loved one on a special day to Broadway at the Beach.  Enjoy WonderWorks together or give your loved one a magical day to remember by going to Magiquest!
  68. Come up with a list of 100 things why you’re in love with each other.
  69. Burn some romantic candles around the house for some mood lighting.
  70. Ski weekend away.
  71. Hot air balloon ride (depending upon where you are!)
  72. Tropical getaway.
  73. Hire a chef to cook you a romantic dinner at home.
  74. Pretend to be Medieval lords and ladies at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Inquire at the Front Desk for a special Plantation Resort discount.
  75. Ride bikes together.  You can check out bikes from the Plantation Resort Indoor Pool Office.
  76. Indoor waterpark.
  77. Treat your sweetie to a full makeover at the mall.
  78. Get manis/pedis.  Use your LA Nails discount code from the Plantation Resort magazine received at check-in to make your mani/pedi so much more enjoyable.
  79. Play Scrabble or Twister.
  80. Create a signature drink together.
  81. Dress up like pirates and visit the Pirate’s Voyage Dinner and Show where you’ll see amazing    acrobatics and sword fighting.  Inquire at the Front Desk for a special Plantation Resort discount. 
  82. Head to a Make Your Own Pottery place and make something cool together.
  83. Light a fire and just RELAX.
  84. Go for a long hike and have a drink/picnic.
  85. Write a love poem.
  86. Head to a local sports event.
  87. Ice skating together.  (You NEED to hold hands).
  88. Make a personalized game. (You can do this online.)
  89. Head to a local brewery.
  90. Head to a local vineyard. Every Tuesday this season we are taking our guests to the beautiful La Belle Amie Vineyard where you’ll enjoy a guided tour and wine tasting.  
  91. Make fondue together.
  92. Visit a local museum.
  93. Sit and just chat in a cute, cozy coffee shop.
  94. Watch old videos together of you guys and the family you've created.
  95. Sing at a karaoke Bar.
  96. Write “I love you!” on your mirror with lipstick.
  97. Reenact your first date.
  98. Enjoy going to a comedy show.
  99. Head to a casino.
  100. Play hookie and just HANG OUT ALL DAY together.
  101. Go to a local bakery and feast on yummy desserts together!
Do you have any ideas to add to the list?  We'd love to hear them.  Just comment below. 
Remember to reserve your romantic stay at Plantation Resort by calling 1-800-845-5039.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Fall in Love with Myrtle Beach's February Calendar of Events

Love is in the air keeping Myrtle Beach a little warmer than the rest of the country this February.  Stay warm with your loved one by dancing the night away, thawing your fingers at a bonfire or by gazing into the eyes of your loved one while dining on a delicious slice of prime rib.  You'll find fun events to try for your Valentine's Day as well as throughout the month of February.  See a list of our favorites below:

Plantation Resort's La Belle Amie Vineyard Tour
Tuesdays in February
10 am-3 pm
Meet in the Plantation Resort Activity Center

Let us shuttle you to La Belle Amie where you will enjoy a tour of their lush vineyard and, of course, taste the fruit of their labors with a wine tasting.  Reservations required by 5 pm Monday at the indoor pool office.

Plantation Resort's Taste of Italy Dinner
Wednesdays in February
5-7 pm
Plantation Resort Activity Center

Join us for an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet featuring three different pastas and three different sauces.  Advanced tickets required by noon Wednesday at the indoor pool office.

Plantation Resort's Prime Rib Dinner
Fridays in February
6-8 pm
Plantation Resort Activity Center
$15/Adult, $11/child

Enjoy mouth watering prime rib accompanied by a fully loaded baked potato, salad and desert! Reservations required by noon Friday at the indoor pool office.

Plantation Resort's Mother Earth Day Spa Special
Every day in February
Prices Vary

February is great month for a massage and our very own Mother Earth Day Spa will be running a buy two-get-one-free promotion throughout the month.  Simply purchase two items off the spa menu, such as an hour massage or reflexology, and you will receive a third item of equal or lesser value completely free.  You may share your purchase with your loved one or you can use all three of your items throughout the week of your vacation. Simply tell the indoor pool office staff that you would like to take advantage of this deal and they will supply you with the coupons you need.

Winter Tea Party
Saturdays and Sundays in February and March 1
4 pm
Brookgreen Garden
1931 Brookgreen Garden Dr., Murrells Inlet
$35 for non-members

Warm up a winter day with hot teas and sweet and savory treats in the Pavilion Restaurant.  Seating begins at 4 pm and reservations are required by calling (843) 235-6016.

18th Annual Myrtle Beach Marathon
February 12-14
6:30 am Race Start Time
1251 21st Ave. North
Prices Vary

The 18th annual Myrtle Beach Marathon falls on Valentine's Day 2015, when racers will enjoy spending time with the sport they truly love - running!  Marathon organizers also love supporting area charities such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of South Carolina, the Coastal South Carolina Chapter of the American Red Cross and Horry County Schools.  The event hosts both a full- and a half-marathon that takes runners through downtown Myrtle Beach into The Market Common and down along Ocean Boulevard before ending at Field.  Registration for the upcoming race is now open.  For more information, click here.

Plantation Resort's Valentines Brunch
February 14
10 am-1 pm
Plantation Resort Activity Center

After a wonderfully relaxing morning at Plantation Resort, you and your loved one can stroll over to the activity center to take advantage of a delicious brunch that will be waiting for you.  Enjoy ham, shrimp and grits, pastries, as well as the regular breakfast fare of eggs, bacon, granola with fruit and more!

Valentine's Bonfire
February 14
12:30-4:30 pm
La Belle Amie Vineyard
1120 St. Joseph Road, Little River
Entry is $3

Live music, a toasty fire, a little wine and a lot of good friends.  Add a guided vineyard tour, a fantastic gift shop and wonderful new folks to meet and you have a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.  Remember to take a lawn chair, a good friend or two, and enjoy the company, the music, the wine and the beauty of the vineyard.   They will be selling Vineyard Grill favorites such as hot dogs, burgers, cheese & fruit trays, chips & snacks.

Carolina Master Chorale- Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt
February 14
4 pm
Seaside Methodist Church
1300 Seaside Road SW
Prices Vary

The Carolina Master Chorale returns to its annual Hearts of Passion love song celebration featuring the most beautiful songs from Classical songs to Hollywood, Broadway and the Billboard Charts.  Enjoy exquisite arrangements for professional choir from "My Fair Lady", "South Pacific", The Beatles, The Carpenters, Billy Joel, Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder.  Treat your valentine to a concert of wonderfully romantic music!

Animals Swoon Under the Moon
February 14
6-7:30 pm
Myrtle Beach State Park (Shelter 1)
4401 South Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach
$10 per person- no checks

Enjoy an evening exploring the wild and humorous ways our local animals go about the serious business of finding a mate in an open and candid manner.  In a fire-lit picnic shelter, discover how animals woo their mates by bellowing, singing, giving gifts of food, dancing, leaving scented notes and much more.  Enjoy light, Valentine’s style refreshments.  Space for the event is limited and registration is required by Tuesday, February 10.  Call 843-238-0874 to register.  Adults only; 18 years and over.  Both singles and couples welcome.  Dress for the weather; it could be chilly!  Bring your own coffee mug and flashlight.

7th Annual Shuckin' On The Strand Oyster Roast presented by FSA-Full Steam Ahead
February 21
12-4 pm
The Hot Fish Club
4911 Hwy. 17 Business, Murrells Inlet 
$25/Adult, $10/child

The 7th Annual Shuckin’ on the Strand Oyster Roast, hosted by gsSCENE and presented by FSA Full Steam Ahead, Inc. will be held Saturday, February 21, from 12-4 pm at the Hot Fish Club.  This event is the Grand Strand’s largest oyster roast, open to the public, serving up oysters and chicken bog to sold-out crowds of over 500 attendees.  Cost is $25 per ticket which includes all-you-can-eat oysters from Harrelson’s Seafood, chicken bog, fixin’s and two draft beers. Kids 8 and under are $10.  Live entertainment will be provided by Paul Grimshaw Trio.  Tickets may be picked up at will-call at the event under the last name of purchaser if purchased online before Friday, February 7.  Tickets can also be purchased at the door day of event.  **Rain or shine they have you covered!

The Long Bay Symphony: Broadway - Dancing and Romancing II
February 21
7 pm
Myrtle Beach High School Music and Arts Center
3302 Grissom Parkway, Myrtle Beach 
Prices Vary

The Myrtle Beach Rotary Club and the Long Bay Symphony host Broadway Spectacular: Dancing and Romancing II featuring songs from classic and contemporary Broadway with singing and dancing. An annual event not to be missed.  Myrtle Beach High School Music & Arts Center. Reservations:  843-448-8379.

Grand Strand's Beach Social Dance
February 21
7-10 pm
Grand Strand Senior Center
1268 21ST Avenue North, Myrtle Beach
$7 per person

Love is in the air and the senior center Valentine’s dance on February 21st will be sure to please dancers of all skill levels.  There will be decorations and beverages and music will be provided by Steve and Alyce for a fun evening.  They welcome dancers of all ages.  Tickets are available at the senior center or call Barbara at 843-903-3765.

"God's Trombones" Program for Black History Month
Saturday, February 21
1 & 3 pm
Brookgreen Garden
1931 Brookgreen Garden Dr., Murrells Inlet
Free with Garden Admission

Ron and Natalie Daise will present dramatic readings from “God’s Trombones: Seven Negro Poems in Verse” by James Weldon Johnson, in observance of Black History Month.  His poems are patterned after African-American religious oratory.  Programs will be at 1 and 3 pm in the Wall Lowcountry Center Auditorium and are free with garden admission; however, seating must be reserved by calling 843-235-6016.

Fourth Annual Collector's Event
February 22
5-7 pm
Franklin G. Burroughs - Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum 
3100 South Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach
$100 per ticket

This event will provide seasoned art collectors and newcomers alike with a great opportunity to acquire works of art while supporting the Art Museum and our community of artists.  There will be a drawing for 100 pieces of artwork from local, regional and internationally-known artists.  With a $100 ticket admission, each ticket holder will go home with an original work of art valued at $100 or more. Buy tickets here.

12th Annual Palmetto Regional First Robotics Competition
February 27-28
Myrtle Beach Convention Center
2101 N. Oak Street, Myrtle Beach
Free to view

In all, 66 teams of high school students from South Carolina and the East Coast will build their own robots to compete in this fast-paced event.  Teams warm up Thursday with robot inspections and practice rounds, followed by the high-energy tournament on Friday and Saturday.  Admission is free.  The public is invited to watch talented students put their math, science and engineering skills to work.

All of these venues are just a short drive from Plantation Resort.  You'll also find several great activities during your stay at the Resort.  Click here to see the Plantation Resort list of activities.  After a great date with your loved one at one of these venues you'll love coming back to relax in your Plantation Resort condo.  Call 1-800-845-5039 to show your love for your sweetheart by reserving your stay at the best resort in Myrtle Beach!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Take a Swing with One of Our New Golf Partners

More Great Golf at Fantastically Low Plantation Resort Rates!

Our owners will recognize this article from the annual newsletter that they recently received and now we’re passing on the great news to everyone!

We’re excited to announce new partnerships with several local golf courses: Burning Ridge, Colonial Charters, Indian Wells and Rivers Edge. Plantation Resort provides our owners with excellent rates to an array of beautiful courses that will challenge and delight you. For only $25 plus tax you’ll enjoy access to these beautiful courses with the added benefit of either a golf cart or a lower price.

These new relationships will replace Heron Point (closing December 15th), Wicked Stick (closing May 2015) and the Island Green golf course (closing TBA) in our current golf line up.

Without further ado, here are our new partners:

Burning Ridge

This picturesque golf course is winner of the 2006 South Carolina Golf Course of the Year award. It’s easy to see why when you experience the gently sloping hills and tranquil ponds designed by architect Gene Hamm. Their staff shares our passion for southern hospitality, so you’re sure to feel welcome as you relax in their recently renovated clubhouse.

Colonial Charters

Water hazards and sand traps offer a fun way to test the accuracy of your swing. You’ll find a comfortable atmosphere at Colonial Charters to relax and practice your game.

Indian Wells

Another favorite course designed by Gene Hamm, Indian Wells boasts one of the best and toughest holes in Myrtle Beach. If you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll love this course’s eighteenth hole.

Rivers Edge

This Arnold Palmer course takes you to a different world with challenging and beautiful greens that highlight their natural surroundings. Serene lakes and natural habitats are integrated in a balanced design that you will remember playing for a lifetime.

In addition to these new locations, our existing partnerships continue with Indigo Creek Golf Club, Azalea Sands, River Oaks Golf Plantation, Wedgefield Plantation, Tupelo Bay and Midway Par 3. All of our golf partners strive to tee up the best golf experience for our owners. Call 1-855-230-1877 to make your  reservation with Plantation Resort and learn more about our great golf options.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Protect Yourself From Fraud

*Owners at Plantation Resort will soon be seeing this article in the annual newsletter.  We felt that it was too important to wait, so we are also publishing it here on the blog.

An owner recently reported that a group claiming to be affiliated with Plantation Resort has been attempting to sell fraudulent vacation packages to our owners.  They call and invite our owners to dinner at a local restaurant.  Offering a consultation, the imposters convince them to purchase a “vacation package.”   The imposters then take the money and disappear.  Our owners never hear anything about their vacation package again.

In other instances, scammers have called our owners, offering to sell their timeshare for them.  They ask for money to put ads on websites, often called a “marketing fee.”  Then the scammers take the money and make the owner believe that their timeshare was sold.  Many of our owners have been confused when they continue to receive correspondence from us after they were told that their timeshare had been sold to someone else.

Most recently we discovered a ploy to change owners’ contact information. The scammer read off the information on the owner’s account to the Owner Services representative, then they ask to change the phone number, email and home address.  When we figured out what they were doing, we called the phone numbers and were met with resistance. It is unclear as of yet, what the motives are in changing this information.  We have since contacted the police, who are working to uncover who is behind these attacks.  In the meantime we are tracking the accounts that were targeted and we urge you to protect your personal information by keeping it in a safe and secure location.

We continue to warn against giving money up-front to anyone claiming to be able to sell your timeshare for you.  This is true now more than ever.  There are legitimate businesses that will sell your timeshare, but they will not ask for money up-front.  Because a deed is involved, selling timeshare with one of these companies is like selling your house with a realtor.  You do not pay until the property is sold.

Here are some helpful tips if you think you are dealing with an imposter:

  • If someone asks for money up-front, hang up.
  • If someone claims to be with Plantation Resort, call us. We will confirm whether the offer you received is legitimate or not.
  • Do your research before paying any fees.  You can contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or by visiting

If you or anyone you know is involved with a deal that seems suspicious, please contact our Owner Services Department at 1-855-230-1877 and the Better Business Bureau so that we can warn other owners, saving them from becoming the next victims.