Friday, June 7, 2013

Come see our new front desk!

Before and After with our New Canopy, Rails and Shutters

It's been months in the making and it's finally finished!  The front desk has changed dramatically since December. Our outside now matches the recently renovated inside with new lamps, railings, shutters and a new canopy; we also pushed out the front wall and expanded the inside.  Our Chief Engineer, Don Kight, expressed his excitement about the new changes, "We're elated for our owners and guests to see the improvements we've made.  It's nice to see things come together as well as they did.  Everything looks great!"  

Painting a picture

As you pull into the parking lot to check in for your vacation at Plantation Resort, you may notice an extra spot of blue that you’ve never seen before.  Thank you for noticing our new canopy!  It provides shade for up to 12 feet before you reach the door. With it, we welcome you to your restful stay with the Plantation Resort logo on the front as reassurance that you arrived at the right place. 

Workers installing the new rails!

 As you enter the front door, go ahead, take hold of the new hand rails and feel a bit safer.  Now, we have a wrought iron look for the two new hand rails that adorn either side of the entrance.

Our new shutters!
But as you step through the door something else may seem different.  You may feel like you have more air to breathe or like you took a few extra steps toward the desk.  It isn't your imagination—there really is more space.  We've expanded the front desk area by moving the front wall out a whole six feet.  That’s right, take a good long stretch after all that sitting in the car, there’s room.  

And when you open your eyes you may notice that the lighting is a little different. Thanks to our new shutters, the sunlight filters in with a gentle warmth to make you feel more welcome than ever.

Come see it for yourself!

Checking in to your "home away from home" is more comfortable than it has ever been, so come experience the improvements for yourself.  Reserve your stay by calling 1-800-845-5039 today.  Keep an eye out for an upcoming video about these front desk renovations.

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Looking forward to seeing all the new changes really soon!