Monday, June 30, 2014

Reservation Tip #2: RCI Designates Plantation Resort as Four Different Resorts

Did you know that within RCI Plantation Resort is considered to be 4 different resorts?  If you enter resort ID 4220, 6045, 1797 or 2791 into the resort locator at, you’ll see that they are all located here at our resort.

This has led to some confusion.  Exchange guests who stay with us one year and love their condo may come back the next year expecting the same type of unit and be surprised to find something completely different.

Unit options differ depending on the resort ID you use.   For instance, if you need a 1 bedroom condo, you’ll want to search within the resort IDs 6045 or 1797.  Or if you come with a friend, you’ll want to reserve under the same resort ID in order to stay in neighboring condos.

Understanding the differences between resort IDs will help you know what to expect when you reserve your stay.  This post is the second in a series to help you reserve your perfect vacation at Plantation Resort.

The four RCI resort designations (IDs) found at Plantation Resort are:

1797 - Plantation Resort of Myrtle Beach
2791 - Plantation Golf Villas
4220 - Presidential Villas at Plantation Resort
6045 - Plantation Resort Villas

What all 4 resort IDs share

You may consider Plantation Resort one resort, which is true.  Amenities such as the pools, complimentary beach shuttle, spa, breakfast buffet are available to all our guests, no matter which resort ID is linked to your reservation.  All guests check in at the same front desk and enjoy the cheerful service of our excellent staff.

Here's a pro tip: if, for whatever reason, you were late in reserving under one resort ID, try one of the other 3 designations to increase your chances of staying at Plantation Resort.  So while it may seem slightly confusing to have the multiple resort designations through RCI, you can see how it can really work to your benefit when you want to vacation at Plantation Resort.

So let’s look at the 4 resort designations and consider the unique options that each offer.

How they differ
Plantation 4 025 copyPresidential Villas at Plantation Resort-4220
If you’re traveling with a large group and will need a 3 bedroom unit to sleep up to 12, then look into reserving in the resort ID 4220.  This resort designation boasts the highest availability of 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom units, so you’ll increase your chances of receiving the number of bedrooms that you want.

This was the first purpose-built timeshare section of Plantation Resort, which mean it was built specifically with timeshare in mind.  These units are almost identical in their layout so if you've been to a "Presidential Villas at Plantation Resort" unit then you know what to expect from these suites.
Rooms types available in 4220 (Click on links for more info about these room types.)
Plantation Resort Villas-6045
These units are considered “conversion” units, which means that they were originally privately owned condos.  Plantation Resort purchased these units as they have come on the market and has converted them into some of our most up-to-date  timeshare condos.  As not all of the units in a given building have been converted, you may find permanent residents next door to you.
This is the only resort ID that includes 3 bedroom loft units.  It also has the most availability in our popular 2 bedroom lofts.  The loft is “open”, allowing you to see over the railing into the living room below.  In these units, the loft itself is considered a bedroomalways a fun place for children or friends to stay.  These are very popular, so book early and put in a request for this room type if you want to increase your chances of successfully reserving it.

Room types available in 6045 (Click on links for more info about these room types.)
Plantation Resort of Myrtle Beach-1797

Buildings 208, 221, 223 make up this resort ID and is the first resort designation at Plantation Resort affiliated with RCI.  It includes a variation on the loft floor plan—the enclosed loft.  This means that there is a full wall, window and  door separating the loft bedroom from the living room below.

Room types available in 1797 (Click on links for more info about these room types.)

Plantation Golf Villas-2791
Within this resort ID, you will find the most variety among condos.  These are not timeshare units, but are owned by individuals who exchange their unit through RCI.  Because these condos are individually owned, they each have their own unique style that reflects the tastes of the owner.  The floor plans are similar; the main differences will be in the d├ęcor.  If you find a unit in the Plantation Golf Villas that you particularly enjoy and would like to reserve again, be sure to put in an early, specific request for that unit because it is unique.

Room types available in 2791 (Click on links for more info about these room types.)
No matter which resort ID you use, once you’re on property we consider it our mission to create an exceptional vacation experience for you and your family.  Our Owner Services staff can help you navigate these resort designations to reserve a unit that will be perfect for you.  To speak with Owner Services or for more information on reserving at Plantation Resort, call 1-800-845-5039.  Hope to see you soon!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Celebrate the 4th in Myrtle Beach - See Our Top Picks for Fireworks!

Here Are Our Top 7 Picks for Fireworks and Where to Park for Them!

There's no need to wonder about where are the best fireworks in the Myrtle Beach.  We have you covered.  And parking?  We know the best places to park.  We guarantee you'll find your fill of fireworks all along the beaches on the night of the 4th, and there are some that will be launching fireworks throughout the summer.  We’ve listed the most prominent firework displays and some useful tips for parking close to them.

General Parking Tips

Carpool: the fewer cars you have to worry about finding a space for, the better.

Arrive early: you want to see the greatest firework displays in America and so do all your neighbors.  They're staking their claim for a parking spot as early as they can and that means you should too.  Many of these displays have great shopping and entertainment options nearby that can keep you occupied for several hours before the big event.

Bring cash and change: you never know where you’ll find your perfect spot.  After driving around looking for a while, you may see the treasure at the end of the rainbow when you notice a metered spot or a parking garage.  You’ll want the right kind of money to be able to take advantage of the spot you've found.

Often, you can pay for metered parking over the phone: Surfside Beach offers this feature on all paid parking locations.  Click here for detailed instructions on how to do that.  Click here for details on Myrtle Beach Parking Meter Options.

See Fireworks at any of These Locations

1. Murrells Inlet MarshWalk

Park at one of the many restaurants by the MarshWalk, including Nance’s Restaurant, King Street Grille, Jetty View Walk and the Hot Fish Club.  As you drive down the road you’ll want to keep an eye out for temporary parking lots.  There may be a minimal fee so be sure to bring your cash.

Friday, July 4                                   9 pm
Monday, July 7                                9 pm
Monday, July 14                              9 pm
Monday, July 21                              9 pm
Monday, July 28                              9 pm
Monday, August 4                           9 pm
Monday, August 11                         9 pm
Monday, August 18                         9 pm
Monday, August 25                         9 pm

2. Surfside Pier

Parking meters line the roads and you’ll want to show up very early to reach one.

Friday, July 4                                   6 pm

3. Cherry Grove Pier

Be sure to get there early and you can use the free parking at the parking garage across the street from the pier.  Be advised that you may have to park in the upper area.  There will also be $8 parking in the lot right next to the pier.  Again, be sure to arrive early if you are set on viewing the fireworks close to the Cherry Grove Pier.

Friday, July 4                                   10 pm

4. Broadway at the Beach

Broadway at the Beach provides lots of parking in front of Wonderworks, BigD Theater, Broadway Commons and all around the complex.

Tuesday, July 1                                10 pm
Friday, July 4                                    10 pm
Tuesday, July 8                                10 pm
Friday, July 11                                  10 pm
Tuesday, July 15                              10 pm
Friday, July 18                                  10 pm
Tuesday, July 22                              10 pm
Friday, July 25                                  10 pm
Tuesday, July 29                              10 pm
Friday, August 1                               10 pm
Tuesday, August 5                           10 pm
Friday, August 8                               10 pm
Tuesday, August 12                         10 pm
Friday, August 15                             10 pm
Tuesday, August 19                         10 pm
Tuesday, August 26                         10 pm
Saturday, August 30                        10 pm

5. Barefoot Landing

Barefoot Landing provides a large parking but it will fill up fast for the fireworks show so you will want to arrive early to find your perfect spot.

Friday, July 4                                   10:15 pm
Monday, July 7                                10:15 pm
Monday, July 14                              10:15 pm
Monday, July 21                              10:15 pm
Monday July 28                               10:15 pm
Monday, August 4                           10:15 pm
Monday, August 11                         10:15 pm
Monday, August 18                         10:15 pm
Monday, August 25                         10:15 pm
Saturday, August 30                        10:15 pm

6. Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade 

Parking spots line the streets in downtown Myrtle Beach.  Just be sure to bring enough change for a parking meter.

Friday, July 4                                   10 pm
Wednesday, July 16                        10 pm
Wednesday, July 16                        10 pm
Wednesday, July 23                        10 pm
Wednesday, July 30                        10 pm
Wednesday, August 6                     10 pm
Wednesday, August 13                   10 pm
Wednesday, August 20                   10 pm
Saturday, August 30                        10 pm

7. Pelican’s stadium

Fireworks will go off for the game so you can purchase tickets and park in their designated parking lots.

Wednesday, July 2                          post-game
Thursday, July 3                              post-game
Sunday, July 13                               post-game
Sunday, July 20                               post game
Thursday, July 24                            post-game
Sunday, August 3                            post-game
Thursday, August 14                       post-game
Sunday, August 31                          post-game

Come to Plantation Resort and plan your perfect fireworks-filled vacation.  You'll find that you're just a short drive from any of these locations.  Let us help you plan a great vacation at Plantation Resort by calling 1-800-845-5039.