Friday, June 14, 2013

Hop Over to Frogmore Stewsday - A Pool Party to Remember!

Yummy Food + Great Music + Dancing and Lots of Fun = Frogmore Stewsday,  A Pool Party to Remember!

Strap on your giant bib and your dancing sandals and join us for Frogmore Stewsday, a night of mandatory fun while you eat Frogmore Stew!  Don’t worry, no frogs were injured in the making of this southern classic dish.  Perhaps you're more familiar with Frogmore’s northern cousin, the clam bake, but instead of clams wadd a few of our own ingredients with southern flare.  Our chef says you can expect fresh shrimp, small red potatoes, newly shucked corn on the cob, smoked sausage with just the right amount of spices in our stew.  It is cooked poolside so you can count on it being fresh.  We've also cooked up some comfort food (creole mac and cheese) to go on the side.  Enjoy all of this yummy food at the pool with your family where swimsuits are the recommended attire.  We hope you'll partake in Frogmore Stewsday every Tuesday this summer.
Do a Little Jig
Dancing Poolside
Hula Hoop Contestant
No Frogmore Stewsday is complete without dancing, so we'll be pumping out the music for you to dance to, in and around the pool. Our staff has been brushing up on their "Electric Slide" and "Cotton-Eyed Joe," but we don't want to dance alone!  Join us around the pool and show us your moves.  And if you really want to swing your hips, jump into the hula hoop competition too!  See how many hoops you can keep twirling!

Not hungry?  No worries, come enjoy the party!  But be warned, the lure of the stew's delicious scent cooked in front of you is too much for many to resist!  And if you change your mind or work up an appetite dancing, step up to the buffet line and claim your plate.

A Little History

So why on earth would we call it Frogmore?  The name comes from a tiny town on the Island of St. Helena in Beaufort County, South Carolina.  Beyond geography, though, there are many who claim the origins of this culinary dish that represents the best of South Carolina's Lowcountry cuisine.  Some tell of a poor fisherman from the island who had a lot of shrimp and a lot of guests, so, in his pot, he combined all the ingredients he could find.  Others argue that Frogmore Stew came from a civil war campaign on the island when soldiers needed to make food without creating lots of smoke to give away their location.  Wherever it came from, most people agree that the Frogmore Stew recipe was worth saving.

This little guy dressed for the occasion. Check out his floaties!
Some of you might have read the ingredients and thought, “This isn’t Frog-a-ma-thingy, it's a Lowcountry boil!” or even a “Beaufort boil!”  Well, whatever you call it, we hope you call 1-800-845-5039 for your reservation, so you can come on Tuesday to our Frogmore Stewsday event, and maybe between mouthfuls you can tell us what you call it.  But we think you'll agree, we can all describe it best with just one word... "Delicious!"