Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We're Always Making Improvements at Plantation Resort!

We’re always looking for ways to enhance your experience at Plantation Resort so this year we’re making a New Year’s resolution to finish some exciting improvement projects.  When you arrive at Plantation Resort for your well-earned vacation, we want you surrounded by the best in comfort and safety. This year, we are focusing on four large improvement projects that will keep the Resort in tip-top shape and make your vacation as carefree as possible.


New Roofing
A good roof overhead is one of the best ways to stay safe and dry during your vacation. Our roofs are inspected regularly and replaced every 20 years—keeping Santa safe as he sorts through his sack full of goodies.  New roofs additionally improve the appearance of the Resort, enhance energy efficiency and protect the integrity of the Resort’s physical structures.

New Exterior Lighting
No matter what time of day you arrive, we want you to be able to view your vacation in the best light! New lanterns have been installed on several buildings. These new lights create a charming ambiance and provide improved light for walking and safety.  Maybe you’ll even see one of Santa's elves peeking around the building.

New Parking Lot Paving and Sealing
With asphalt, nothing is permanent. Parking lots continually erode due to weather conditions, usage and local vegetation growth (think tree roots and weeds). We want our parking lots to be easy on your car, safe for walking and well-maintained. You can look forward to seeing a new seal coat in front of buildings 205, 207, 213, 214, 215 and 219 since those parking lots have already been resurfaced.

Flat Screen TVs
We are continuing with our commitment to increase the number of flat screen TVs in the units. We have furnished at least 50% of the units with new flat panel TVs. So sit back, relax and watch any of the large selection of DVDs from our movie rental located in the foyer of the Health and Swim Club.

Please come and enjoy these and many of the other improvements that we are making at Plantation Resort!  Call 1-800-845-5039 for reservations.  Merry Christmas from your friends at Plantation Resort! 


Shay Lockett said...

Do all yell rooms have flat screens now?

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