Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Check Out Our New Mural Activity at Plantation Resort!

Beautify the Activity Center Walls with Color and Your Imagination

On mural day we invite you to release your inner artist and paint!  If you love the look of wet paint and the feeling of brushes swishing across the canvas or dabbing gently at details, we have the activity for you!

Come play Picasso at our complimentary mural activity where yards of paper and armloads of paint supplies come out of the closet for you to express your vacation-spirited selfWhatever bright, fantastic works of art you can think up, we want it for our walls!  We'll provide the paint and paper, and you provide the vision.  You may discover that painting adds a satisfying touch to make your vacation experience a true masterpiece. 

After the activity, bring friends and family by the Activity Center where your artwork will be prominently displayed for all to see! 

We invite your personal touch to meet our art supplies every Monday at 2:00 pm this summer.  Whether you specialize in smiley faces, shapes and squiggles, detailed landscapes, self-portraits or favorite sayings, we would love to see your creations added to the Plantation Resort mural, where vacation meets creation! 

Call 1-800-845-5039 to reserve your vacation with Plantation Resort and find out more about how you can add your own artistic flair to the walls of the Activity Center.

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