Friday, July 12, 2013

Play Bingo on Your Plantation Resort Vacation

Bingo with Friends and Fun Prizes Makes for a Great Vacation

“Bingo!” rings out from the activity center every Monday, Tuesday and Friday as players from all over "fill up" their Bingo cards.  We’ve delivered several creative variations of Bingo to add an extra level of fun to an already popular pastime, so come cool off with Bingo in the activity center.

Burger Bingo

Everyone wins with Burger Bingo since a burger comes with the game. Starting at 12:30 on Mondays, we’ll take your order for either a burger or cheeseburger and then the fun begins! Play to win snacks to go along with your juicy burger.

Surprise Bingo

At $2 per card, you can line your table with as many Bingo cards as you want to up your chances of winning one of our surprise prizes!  Is it a beach ball? Is it jewelry?  Is it cologne?  The anticipation is killing me!  Open your winning bag and see what’s inside!
She won!

Lottery Bingo

Feeling lucky? Well grab your lucky bingo card and see if you can win the lottery jackpot.  This game is for folks 18 and over because we are handing out actual lottery tickets to anyone who wins a round.
Come to Burger Bingo on Monday and you’ll have so much fun, you may find yourself coming back to all the bingo activities that we offer!  Call 1-800-845-5039 to hear more about how you can stay with us at Plantation Resort and bring more Bingo into your vacation.

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