Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Engage Your Creative Side With SpinArt and CrayonArt!

While vacationing at Plantation Resort, you're sure to have endless fun at the pools, lazy river and splash deck. But when you need a quick break from the heat, be sure to stop by the activity center for dozens of resort activities. Our summer schedule is packed full with creative projects and games that are fun for the whole family and will keep kids of all ages entertained. Grownups are welcome too! And with most of our activities, you're able to take home your creations that will be reminders of fond memories for years to come.

Discover your inner artist!

If you’ve never done SpinArt, now is the time to try! In just a few easy steps, you can make psychedelic designs in all your favorite colors. First, strategically dollop your color choices onto the back of a white plate. Second, place the plate inside the bowl, cover it, and give it a spin! After you unveil your funky creation, choose a ribbon color to complement your work of art and hang it up for all to admire!

CrayonArt is another unique craft that allows you to unleash your inner artist. Allie and her mother, Karen, from Chicago happily participated in the activity. Allie had recently seen CrayonArt on YouTube and was dying to give it a try. When she noticed it listed on the activity schedule, she knew this was her chance! Allie started by picking out her favorite crayon colors, deciding to go with a rainbow theme. After lining the crayons in her chosen order, they were carefully hot glued to the top of the canvas. Next, the craft staff fired up the blow dryers and slowly heated the crayons. After a few seconds, Allie’s colors began running down the canvas, creating a work of art unlike any other. She was so excited about the result that she plans to do it again using her friend’s favorite colors to give to her as a birthday gift.

These are just a few of the many fun-filled activities Plantation Resort has to offer. This summer, take the opportunity to try something new! Learn more about SpinArt, CrayonArt and our other activities by calling our Front Desk staff at 1-800-845-5039. A full schedule of this summer's activities can also be viewed in our Facebook Wall Photos album.  Hope to see you soon at Plantation Resort!

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