Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Continuing Improvements at Plantation Resort

If you haven't been back to Plantation Resort lately, we know you'll be pleasantly surprised. One comment from an owner who hadn't been back for many years summed it up best by saying, "Wow!  You've been busy!" 

We've kept you updated as we undertook a multi-year re-landscaping project in front of the buildings, in between parking lots and along the roadside on Double Eagle Drive. We've replaced the older, overgrown landscaping  with lush grasses, blooming flowers and our signature palmetto trees - creating the allure of a tropical paradise for your vacation destination.  As 2011 comes to a close, we are pleased to announce that this project will be completed with the re-landscaping of buildings 210 and 218.

 Now, the old bushes and trees have been replaced with the perfect balance of palm trees and foliage. We’re excited to show off our new renovations, and we hope you agree with us – it has been well worth the effort!

But the renovations don’t stop there.   With the inclusion of building 214’s new vinyl siding, another multi-year project comes to an exciting close. New vinyl siding on all the buildings saves money on maintenance (e.g. painting, replacing wood, etc); improves the gutter systems, which are replaced during the process; and increases the over-all appearance of buildings.

At the outdoor pool, we’ve “gone green” while increasing the efficiency of our pool systems. Our new, environmentally-friendly filtration system makes it easier for us to keep the water clean, uses less energy and reduces the amount of pool chemicals. Right across the street at the Lazy River, we've installed computerized pool pumps. This newly installed system allows us to reduce the amount of electricity by two-thirds.

With these improvements, we are truly doing our best to make Plantation Resort your "home away from home."  Please come and enjoy these improvements as we continually strive to make your vacation experience even better!


marc said...

Very nice job. I was impressed when we vacationed in August. One suggestion we had would be to place awnings on the 2nd floor balconies. You can't sit on them durning the afternoon as the sun blazes down on you.

Anonymous said...

You are misleading everyone----the b4 is a picture of the living units and the after is a picture of the checkin office-----try being more truthful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunkissed said...

We’re so glad that you enjoyed the beautiful landscape when you visited us in August. Make sure to join us this next summer to take advantage of the newer improvements. Also, thanks for the suggestion! We love getting feedback from our guests on ways to improve the resort. So keep checking back on our blog for deals, updates, news and of course – more resort improvements!

Sunkissed said...

It might look too good to be true, but that really is an updated picture of our building units! As you can see in the “After” picture, there are second story windows. Our check-in office is one story with wide steps that lead into our foyer. We’re excited that our hard work has paid off, and that our units look completely different to you. Please come on by and see the beautiful, new landscaping for yourself - you'll love what you see! Thanks for your interest in the resort improvements, and we appreciate your comments. We hope to see you soon!