Tuesday, February 3, 2015

101 Things to do for Valentine's Day (with just a dash of Plantation Resort)

We found a great list of 101 things to do with the one that you love on the MomGenerations blog found here.  We were so inspired we combined her great ideas with ours to help make your Valentine's Day the most romantic and memorable yet!
Here's the list.  Enjoy!
  1. Hide love notes throughout your home.
  2. Treat your loved one to Plantation Resort’s Valentine’s Day Brunch in the Activity Center from 10 am-1 pm (after sleeping in).
  3. Write “I Love You” in rose petals on your bed.
  4. Make a video montage of photos of the 2 of you.
  5. Serve up a romantic dinner in your condo with one of Plantation Resort’s fully equipped kitchens.
  6. Run a warm bubble bath. 
  7. Send romantic quotes to each other throughout the day via email.
  8. Declare your love to each other on Facebook.
  9. Watch a romantic movie. We have several available for checkout at the Indoor Pool Office.
  10. Play a game together. The Indoor Pool Office also has several games available.
  11. Take out an ad in the local newspaper declaring your love.
  12. Go to Plantation Resort’s Mother Earth Day Spa together for the day. There's a special 2 for 1 discount going on through the month of February. Inquire at the Indoor Pool Office.
  13. Find a cooking class to attend together on Valentine’s Day.
  14. Enjoy a yoga class together.
  15. Get a massage just for a couple. Mother Earth Day Spa…just saying.
  16. Find old love notes you sent each other and re-read them over wine.
  17. Take photos of the 2 of you together and create a collage.
  18. Clean the kitchen for him or her (if you stay at Plantation Resort, the housekeeping staff will clean it for you.)
  19. Clean the bathrooms for him or her. (See #18.)
  20. Take a romantic walk around the neighborhood together holding hands. 
  21. Call each other throughout the day just to say “I Love You”.
  22. Have romantic music playing and his/her fave snacks on the counter when arriving home from work.
  23. Take a lunch break from work and meet each other out.
  24. Pop a romantic photo of you in his/her briefcase/work tote.
  25. Surprise him or her with changing the sheets before bedtime. It’s always a treat to sink into a freshly made bed!
  26. If you’re a blogger, create a beautiful post dedicated to your love.
  27. Do a chore around the house that you’ve been putting off forever! Always a big surprise (or hire someone to do it).
  28. Just sit on the couch after the kids go to bed and just enjoy each other’s company.
  29. Read together (it can be different and VERY romantic!)
  30. Record his or her FAVE TV show for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day and then surprise  him or her with a marathon of their FAVE show.
  31. Do some gaming online together.
  32. Plantation Resort has a heated indoor pool and Jacuzzi for you to enjoy a late night swim! 
  33. Build a fire and enjoy a glass of wine together. La Belle Amie is throwing a Valentine’s Day Bonfire so you don’t have to worry about starting your own.
  34. Build a puzzle you've had boxed away forever.
  35. Play “50 Questions” with each other. See how many answers you can get right!
  36. Give each other a foot massage.
  37. Give each other back massages.
  38. Go to Plantation Resort’s fully equipped gym and enjoy a night of working out together. 
  39. Invite your closest friends over for a fun evening. Sometimes a fun night with another couple of friends and lots of laughter is the perfect gift!
  40. Depending upon the weather, a picnic by one of Plantation Resort’s beautiful water features or at the Outdoor Pool.
  41. Buy his/her favorite drink and stock the fridge.
  42. If you can, surprise him or her by bringing them to the very spot you met.
  43. Always a great idea, create a message in a bottle for each other. Don’t read them, just write your heart on paper and both of you put them in a bottle for next Valentine’s Day.
  44. Create a time capsule together.
  45. Enjoy an evening of looking at the stars.
  46. Head to a local observatory to check out the stars.
  47. PROPOSE (If you haven’t already!).
  48. If you can hold off and know that you are, announce your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day – the   BEST gift!
  49. Take a stroll with your loved one through Brookgreen Gardens.  Hold your loved one’s hand through the live oak alleé and take in the breathtaking scenery.
  50. Take a romantic stroll on the beach. Plantation Resort provides complimentary shuttle rides to and from Surfside Beach pier.
  51. Bake something together. Make it fun and complicated.
  52. Enjoy a nice hot shower!
  53. If the laundry has been building up, fold and put it away.
  54. If you have children, have them paint their handprints and create a heart with them.
  55. Take a piece of chalk and declare your love on your street! Even if you’re older, it’s still tons of fun and totally romantic!
  56. Create a crossword puzzle with all clues of places you go and only things that the two of you    would know the answers to.
  57. If you aren't a big fan of crossword puzzles, create a word search game for each other with the same kinds of clues.
  58. Try a helicopter ride together. 
  59. If your loved one gets out of work before you, surprise him or her with being home early!
  60. Create ice cream sundaes with each other at home with whatever you happen to have in your      freezer and cupboards! Or you could use your Ole’ Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor coupon found in the Plantation Resort magazine you received at check-in.
  61. If you have a newborn baby, let one of you nap or have a full night’s sleep. Believe me, your loved one will cherish this one.
  62. Create a coupon book of special things he or she can redeem.
  63. Hold hands all day, as much as you can.
  64. Go to bed early and just enjoy a night’s sleep.
  65. Have coffee already brewed and ready in the morning.
  66. If you have a babysitter (or don’t have kids yet), check in at a local hotel for a fun evening “away.” Call 1-800-845-5039 to reserve your stay with Plantation Resort.
  67. Take your loved one on a special day to Broadway at the Beach.  Enjoy WonderWorks together or give your loved one a magical day to remember by going to Magiquest!
  68. Come up with a list of 100 things why you’re in love with each other.
  69. Burn some romantic candles around the house for some mood lighting.
  70. Ski weekend away.
  71. Hot air balloon ride (depending upon where you are!)
  72. Tropical getaway.
  73. Hire a chef to cook you a romantic dinner at home.
  74. Pretend to be Medieval lords and ladies at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Inquire at the Front Desk for a special Plantation Resort discount.
  75. Ride bikes together.  You can check out bikes from the Plantation Resort Indoor Pool Office.
  76. Indoor waterpark.
  77. Treat your sweetie to a full makeover at the mall.
  78. Get manis/pedis.  Use your LA Nails discount code from the Plantation Resort magazine received at check-in to make your mani/pedi so much more enjoyable.
  79. Play Scrabble or Twister.
  80. Create a signature drink together.
  81. Dress up like pirates and visit the Pirate’s Voyage Dinner and Show where you’ll see amazing    acrobatics and sword fighting.  Inquire at the Front Desk for a special Plantation Resort discount. 
  82. Head to a Make Your Own Pottery place and make something cool together.
  83. Light a fire and just RELAX.
  84. Go for a long hike and have a drink/picnic.
  85. Write a love poem.
  86. Head to a local sports event.
  87. Ice skating together.  (You NEED to hold hands).
  88. Make a personalized game. (You can do this online.)
  89. Head to a local brewery.
  90. Head to a local vineyard. Every Tuesday this season we are taking our guests to the beautiful La Belle Amie Vineyard where you’ll enjoy a guided tour and wine tasting.  
  91. Make fondue together.
  92. Visit a local museum.
  93. Sit and just chat in a cute, cozy coffee shop.
  94. Watch old videos together of you guys and the family you've created.
  95. Sing at a karaoke Bar.
  96. Write “I love you!” on your mirror with lipstick.
  97. Reenact your first date.
  98. Enjoy going to a comedy show.
  99. Head to a casino.
  100. Play hookie and just HANG OUT ALL DAY together.
  101. Go to a local bakery and feast on yummy desserts together!
Do you have any ideas to add to the list?  We'd love to hear them.  Just comment below. 
Remember to reserve your romantic stay at Plantation Resort by calling 1-800-845-5039.

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