Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Get a Bird's-Eye View of Myrtle Beach with Huffman Helicopters!

See Myrtle Beach Like You've Never Seen It Before!

Want an incredible experience?  Take a tour like you've not seen before with Huffman Helicopters!  Here's our recent experience:

A gust of wind rushes through our hair as the helicopter approaches.  Upon landing, we climb aboard and strap in.  The skids of our chopper lift off the helipad and we begin a swift ascent into the blue sky softened with white wispy clouds.  Before we know it, the 200 foot tall trees that soared high over head are now a sea of green below our feet.  We can see for miles in every direction.  Wow!  A full, beautiful  view of Myrtle Beach like we've never seen it before!  You can enjoy this same experience with Huffman Helicopters.


Tour Experts

Take a ride with experienced helicopter pilots up and down the Grand Strand.  These helicopters fly at 1,000 feet in the air, just high enough for an incredible view of the area while close enough to be able to take in all the little details.  See people playing on the beach, getting in line for the theater and attending many of your favorite Myrtle Beach attractions.  As you fly over the shore, you look out over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean into the seemingly endless horizon.  You may be fortunate and catch a glimpse of dolphins, turtles and fish enjoying an afternoon swim.

Tour Selection

Huffman Helicopters offer a number of tours, starting with their advertised $20 per person tour that takes you on a short 2-mile trip out over the ocean and back.  The longest is the 40-mile Grand Tour which flies up to the border of North Carolina! Weather permitting, Huffman Helicopters offers flights 365 days a year.  See their website for specific itinerary and pricing information.

Plantation Resort is a great place to call home after your flight.  Huffman Helicopters is less than 5 miles north from our Resort.  To reserve your stay with us, call 1-800-845-5039.   Let us know when your flight is and we'll step outside and wave as you fly by!

Check out this short video of our tour experience!

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