Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Myrtle Beach's Best Kid-Friendly Attractions

Family vacations create experiences and bonding moments that your kids will remember forever and the Grand Strand is the perfect place for just such a vacation! The area is filled with shows and attractions that provide hours of fun for the whole family. With everything from rides to shows, these kid-friendly events are sure to be fun for you, too.


While Professor Wonder and his group of scientists were creating a contained man-made tornado at their lab in the Bermuda Triangle, they lost control of the daring experiment. The building was blown all the way to Myrtle Beach where it landed, upside down, on top of a Crab Shack. Fortunately, the other experiments in the lab remained intact and are now here for us to enjoy. This indoor amusement park features a wide variety of activities that thrill (and educate!) both young and old. Feel how cold the water was the night the Titanic sank, visit the bubble lab, experience the winds of a Category 1 hurricane, try to make a complete revolution on the Extreme 360° Bike, lay on a bed of nails and ride the roller-coaster simulator! After you've wound your way through the 100+ exhibits WonderWorks has to offer, you'll finish off the fun with a 3 story indoor ropes course!

Medieval Times

The Royal Family cordially invites you to attend a night of skill and competition where the bravest knights of the realm will compete for honor in a series of epic battles. Cheer your champion as he spurs his horse in the relay race, battles his opponents in daring sword fights and finally competes in the perilous joust. But no 11th Century tournament would be complete without a banquet! As you watch the brave knights battle, you'll dine on simmering tomato bisque soup, golden garlic bread, tender oven-roasted chicken, BBQ spare rib, herb basted potatoes and a flaky apple turnover.

The SkyWheel

Soar to new heights! In May 2011, Myrtle Beach welcomed a thrilling new attraction: the largest observation wheel in the United States. This is unlike any ferris wheel you've ever experienced! After being seated in one of the 42 climate-controlled gondolas in groups of 2  to 6, you'll slowly be raised to 187 feet in the air. Here, you'll enjoy sweeping views of the city and beaches along the Grand Strand. At night,  the SkyWheel illuminates the coastline with a breathtaking light show.1 million LED lights set into the side of the wheel swirl in a variety of colors and designs and create the perfect backdrop for an iconic family vacation picture!

Ripley's Aquarium

Come find out why Ripley's Aquarium is South Carolina's most visited attraction! Explore the depths of the ocean while traveling through the aquarium tunnel on a 340 ft long moving glidepath. You'll come face-to-face with dozens of sharks, snappers, sawfish, a sea turtle and a wide variety of beautiful fish swimming above and beside you. The aquarium's smaller tanks also feature tropical fish, piranhas, jelly fish, a Pacific Giant Octopus, poison dart frogs and more. If you're looking for a hands-on experience, be sure to stop by the Discovery Center and Friendship Flats, where you have the opportunity to pet horseshoe crabs and stingrays!

Pirates Voyage

Ahoy, matey! Hundreds of years ago, fearsome pirates roamed the Carolina coast. Today, the crews of two dread pirate ships have returned and are battling for their lost treasure! Watch as they compete on deck and in the water with thrilling acrobatics, daring sword fights, dives and even live animals. As you cheer on your crew, your captain will treat you to a  mouth-watering pirate feast that includes creamy vegetable soup, flaky buccaneer bread, half o' roasted cackler (chicken), the Captain's BBQ pork, buttery corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and apple pie.


Upon entering MagiQuest, you find yourself in an enchanted realm where you use your own magic wand to help you in your journey to become a Magi.This indoor, multi-level attraction is like being inside a video game! As you wander through the realm, use your wand to duel, learn from ancient wizards, defeat dragons and meet pixies. Every Magi's journey is different based on the decisions they make and the battles they win. Each time you visit, your wand will remember what you have done and what you have left to accomplish. Master your skills, beat the game and become a true Magi!

A visit to any of these fun-filled attractions will leave behind lasting memories that your kids will talk about for years to come. To top it all off, discounted tickets to most of these attractions can be purchased at our Front Desk! For additional information, call 1-800-845- 5039. We look forward to seeing you and your family here soon!

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