Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Seawall Completed at Plantation Resort

Maintenance crews have been hard at work constructing new seawalls in an effort to protect land erosion from the ponds flowing through the beautiful landscape at Plantation Resort.  Last November, the seawall project began behind buildings 215, 217 and 219. The picture on the left depicts the extent of the erosion.

We're happy to announce this section of the seawall has been completed!  The photo below illustrates the new sea wall – free of erosion – behind 215, 217 and 219. As soon as the new sod is placed, construction will begin on a new seawall behind building 214 which is expected to begin this month. These seawall construction projects are a proactive, cost-effective approach to protecting property and maintaining grounds.

These projects are only a few on a long list of improvements that have been planned for the resort.  Months of preparation, planning and teamwork go into these updates.  The end result is to provide an oasis where owners and guests may come to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery at Plantation Resort.  So please come and take advantage of these new improvements!

And next time you see a member of our maintenance team, please let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. We couldn't do it without them! 

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