Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Surfing Lesson Experience

As I balanced on a surfboard waiting for my turn to try and ride a wave my mind thought back over the events of the day...

Meeting at the outdoor pool, the shuttle bus ride out to the beach, getting to know the others that would be in my surfing class for the day, picking a board and practicing everything on the beach that I'd need to know in the water had all lead up to this moment. I had already tried to ride a few waves, mostly ending in disaster and a mouth full of seawater, but I felt good about this one. I could taste the salt in the air and the feel the breeze pushing me forward. This was my wave, or so said my instructor.

An instructor that was a few yards away with a group of three yelled out, “Party wave! Everyone gets up!” Watching as the wave got closer I knew that this time I was ready for it. As the wave began to swell my instructor pushed the back of my board into it. Having been told enough times before this wave when to try and stand I knew the feeling I was looking for now, and I found it. Jumping up I found my feet. For a few moments I stood on that board and knew I had done it. I had surfed for the first time!

As I paddled back out into the water, I looked up and down our little piece of beach and saw my classmates getting ready for the next wave. As I watched them I knew this was the best morning on the beach I had ever had.
Come "hang ten" with us!  Lessons offered through Plantation Resort all during the summer.  Boards and transportation to and from the beach are included.  Groups are limited, advanced reservations strongly encouraged.  Contact us by calling 1-800-845-5039 to reserve your board and your chance to catch a wave!

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